Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Making the Game Fun

RED- Anthony Toma’s team appears to have upgraded from the team that fell just short in the Chy Cup last year. Red will have familiar faces Ray, Tarik, Brian, Scotty, Mike , and Bruce all back from last year. Add Pete, Mike, and the “Fearless” John to that mix and Red looks like a juggernaut. Red’s offense will likely be similar to last year with Tarik and Ray making play after play and exploiting opposing defenses every way possible. It’s always hard to say who’s going to play where on Red, but one sure thing is that AT will use his personnel effectively. The Red D will be VERY tough like always, torturing opposing teams with a variety of looks and schemes. Look for very strong seasons from Pete and Scotty who excel in Anthony Toma’s system. And look for Brian and Mike to make lots of big plays like they did all of last year. The challenge for AT this year will be dealing with an above average amount of… let’s just say for lack of a better term… strong personalities. The huddles probably won’t be quiet, but no one is better at rallying the troops towards a common goal than Anthony Toma.

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