Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Football Coaching 1,000,000 MPH Every Week

Inconsistency has been the theme for this team. Conventional wisdom told us that this team would be at or near the top of the standing all year round. But too many distractions have derailed that up to this point. Ocho has been good for a rookie and will continue to get better. Tim has made some spectacular plays, but has seen his touches decrease in recent weeks. Coach Anthony Toma brings it 1,000,000 MPH every week, and is having another great year in the middle of Red’s D. Red, like others, will need to be more consistent to make a serious run. Jordan(formerly, yes formerly the Showstopper) looked solid after serving a game suspension, and Brian has been steady as well (when he’s there). Lance has been a huge play maker at receiver and rookie Dani has been very effective in Red’s defensive scheme. It’s safe to say that this team has underachieved to this point and has barely scratched the surface of their potential. The good news is, they’ll have five games to turn it around.

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